privileges committee

The House of Representatives' Privileges Committee is considering whether or not public servants should be given free reign to defame completely innocent individuals to their Ministers. Well, that's an exaggeration ... but read on anyway.

Upon my return to New Zealand (did I tell you I've been away? To America!?), I found a very nice letter waiting for me from the Hon Chris Finlayson.

US to negotiate free trade deal; Peters found guilty by privileges committee; Key changes tune on rail shares; science funding up 23%; and more

The front pages are crammed with three big stories today that would each warrant a splash on any other day.

Fonterra's Chinese nightmare; new police powers 'draconian'; Peters back before committee while Labour goes after his supporters; Greens promote new Hillary holiday; and more

    World Cup quarterfinal venues revealed; Teachers want fewer tests in high school; Defence report says military struggling to fly, sail, and fight; NZ First paces possible police probe; and more