Public Address

It's the day after the Electoral Commission's preliminary report on reforming MMP. Let's see what the nation's true power brokers and political junkies think of it.

Now that the Electoral Commission's proposed recommendations on MMP are on the table, the political jockeying over them can begin.

Pundit has joined with other websites and bloggers to protest S92 of the new Copright Act, so our content will be blacked out from 8am to 10am on Monday, February 23. This is a statement from the organising sites. To learn why we're so vexed, click on the ad at the top of the page

"On Monday morning bloggers from across the political spectrum will be taking their blogs down in a "blog out" to protest the coming into force on the 28th of S92A of the Copyright Act.

The print media has let down its readers today with poor coverage of the last polls. At odds with their reputation, it's the blogs which are offering the superior journalism on the last day of the campaign

As you probably know, Pundit is only six weeks old and I've spent most of my journalistic career in the print media. It's been fascinating for me to join the web community this election, no more so than this morning.