resource consents

‘Iwi leaders and the Government have agreed on a deadline to sort out Maori interests in fresh water by Waitangi Day 2016.’ (News: 5 February 2015)

Law and economics recognises three distinct aspects of property rights. There is the ability to use the property, the ability to transform it into something else, and the ability to alienate it – that is to transfer the property rights to others.

In the latest skirmish, the Mackenzie cubicle dairy applicants — or, as they prefer to say, ‘covered farms’ — have turned an apparent setback into a tactical mini-triumph

The Environmental Defence Society was “gobsmacked” on October 1. A fortnight later, when I catch up with its chairman Gary Taylor, he’s still carefully choosing his words.

Don’t fire up the bulldozers in the McKenzie Basin just yet. Land use consents for cubicle dairy farms granted by the Waitaki District Council may need to be reheard

This is not widely understood, and was only belatedly understood: all of the publicity around cubicle dairy farming proposals stems from only one aspect of the proposals.