NZ on Air wants to stop people thinking they are biased in a partisan way. So why are they being accused of acting in a way that shows partisan bias?

Over on Scoop, Tom Frewen has done a commendable bit of digging into NZ on Air's response to TV3's decision to screen the documentary "Inside Child Poverty" – a NZ on Air funded documentary highly critical of successive governments' policy on the issue – 4 d

Get the latest election information as it becomes available, without having to watch the box

Tonight Scoop allows you to track each electorate as the votes roll in, with their Election Map designed by Keith Ng. Cleverly, you can also compare tonight's results to 2008. Hours of fun to be had.

Happy election night!


Reflecting on a year of great stories; French wine up for grabs; new partnership with

Well, ice the cake and blow out the candle. We launched Pundit from a wee apartment in downtown Auckland a year ago. A full 770 posts and over 463,000 page impressions later we consider that we've made a good start.

Pundit has joined with other websites and bloggers to protest S92 of the new Copright Act, so our content will be blacked out from 8am to 10am on Monday, February 23. This is a statement from the organising sites. To learn why we're so vexed, click on the ad at the top of the page

"On Monday morning bloggers from across the political spectrum will be taking their blogs down in a "blog out" to protest the coming into force on the 28th of S92A of the Copyright Act.

Pundit has finally received answers from Bill English's office about the government's stimulus package. Contrary to the spin, the government is re-announcing already promised money, it has not added a cent to its spending since December, and while the rest of the world ups the ante, New Zealand is sitting on its hands

If you've been reading Pundit over the past week, you'll know that I've been trying to pin down the government as to exactly what is in the $9 billion stimulus package that it has been trumpeting as one of the five largest in the developed world.