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If National can adapt to change, why can't Labour? 

Once upon a time National was a party dominated by farmers and their rural base. Its first townie leader, Sid Holland, had to have a farm bought for him in the 1940s, to maintain his status in the party. It was such a country party that there was a view in the 1960s that as New Zealand urbanised National would lose voter share because Labour was so much stronger in the cities.

Key "rattled", says Clark; Labour tries to poach NZ First voters; Hide's yellow jacket may break electoral rules; two All Blacks endorse National; tacky Hell Pizza ad pulled; $50,000 grants for artists; and more

Prime Minister Helen Clark said she had National leader John Key "rattled" at last night's TV3 leaders debate. According to the Press she told reporters, "I think that what the National Party know is that they are nowhere near the commanding win they thought they were going to get.

It's not a recession, folks; CPI up 10.6 percent; interest rates down; more trouble in South Auckland; Winston Peters holds on--for now; and more...

Although New Zealand has not officially entered a recession (defined as two quarters of economic growth decline), Finance Minister Michael Cullen says "the worst is over".