Stephen Harper

Canada's Conservative Government is in the middle of trying to change its election rules to benefit itself - while its PM Stephen Harper has become the thing he once most hated.

New Zealand's political landscape has been pretty weird of late, what with Judith Collins up to her fiercesome (sic) eyebrows in milk, the Maori Nationalist/neo-Marxist Mana Party playing footsie with a recent immigrant millionaire who lives in one of New Zealand's biggest and most expensive houses, and Hekia Parata doing just whatever it is that she does on a regular basis.

Bin Laden's death: What did Pakistan know?... More details of the raid... Obama to visit 9/11 families (+ analysis & multimedia); Swiss banks freeze almost one billion dicatator dollars; Hackers steal personal data from millions; Harper finally wins Canadian majority; and more

Top of the Agenda: Bin Laden Death Puts Spotlight on Pakistan

Canadians are aghast at revelations the government is splurging more than a billion dollars hosting the G8 and G20 summits for three days. While most goes on security and of course flowers, there's also cash for a fake lake

Forgive me, but I thought the world was in a bit of a squeeze when it came to financial largesse, and that the requisite austerity measures many countries are grappling with to stave off bankruptcy were the focus of global financial gurus.

Prime Minister John Key promises to be more open about the special operations role of NZSAS troop in Aghanistan. So, what do you really need to know?

The Prime Minister’s announcement last week came with an important caveat.

Did the Canadian PM eat the communion wafer, or pocket it? Days before his audience with the Pope, why did Stephen Harper—a Protestant—take communion at a Catholic funeral?

Politics and religion rarely make peaceful bedfellows and are shied away from if a polite dinner party is the aim of any cautious host…but as Canada’s Prime Minister has found, it is also mighty uncomfortable when the host—of the Catholi