Syrian refugees

How long has it been since the death of a single child has saved so many other lives? And now that we are paying attention, how do we get the next step right?

When has a single death and a single image saved so many lives? That picture of Aylan Kurdi lying on a Turkish beach has changed everything around the five year refugee crisis started by the Syrian war.

Greece extends bank closures; Chinese stock market rises after 10 days of falling prices; US and Japanese officials meet ahead of TPP meeting; Syrian refugees top four million; Nigerian troops arrest bombing 'mastermind' responsible for 69 deaths; and more

Five thousand Syrian refugees flee to Turkey a day; Japanese and North Korean officials meeting today for first direct talks in four years; South Korea plans to develop cyber weaponry to prepare for potential attack by North Korea; South Africa's mining minister seeks to reassure investors after deadly clashes at mines; Mitt Romney officially chosen as Republican nominee for US President; and more

Top of the Agenda: Growing Number of Syrian Refugees Flee to Jordan, Turkey

Egypt promises crackdown after massacre of 16 police by Islamists; China's top leaders gather for leadership transition meeting; Gu Kailai to go on trial for murder of British businessman; 1300 Syrian refugees flee to Turkey overnight; food inflation reaches high in Latin America; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egypt Faces Pressure to Capture Sinai Gunmen

Four protesters die in Syria as Foreign Minister insists "there is no crackdown"; Intellectuals and activists seek peace at Damascus meeting (+ analysis); Palestinians turn to UN for statehood support; Karzai accuses Pakistan after attacks on Af-Pak border; Khmer Rouge trials begin; and more

Top of the Agenda: Syrian Dissidents Meet in Damascus