US stimulus package

American stimulus one year on – salvation or waste of billions?; Japan becomes largest holder of US debt as China bails; Kim Jong-Il's birthday celebrations; Tensions growing around Falkland Is.; and more

TOP OF THE AGENDA: One Year of US Stimulus

Just what the final US stimulus package says about only buying US-made goods remains vague, but here we explain the issue and what's at stake

I was all primed this morning to post a link to a more-than decent analysis of what has happened to the 'Buy American' provision in the ultimate US stimulus package that I came upon last night.

US congress agree $789b stimulus plan; North Korea gears up for another missile test; Australian police detain pair over bushfires; Pakistan admits involvement in Mumbai bombings; and more

TOP OF THE AGENDA: Deal Reached on Stimulus

US House passes $800 billion stimulus package, Senate next; Chinese PM attacks "blind pursuit of profit"; Afghan presidential elections postponed; Somali MPs to elect a new leader tomorrow; and more

Top of the Agenda: U.S. Stimulus Plan

US Fed and White House considering $150b stimulus package; stock markets have an up day; Thaksin sentenced to two years in Thai prison; Chinese president backs anti-corruption efforts; Palestinian factions talk; and more

Top of the Agenda: Bernanke Signals Stimulus Support