Will the Welfare Expert Advisory Group be simply an excuse for inaction, or an exercise in transformation? Sadly, we will have to wait a while to see

On Monday this week the Government announced the establishment of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG). Welfare seems to be one of the last areas of government purview to receive its very own working group, perhaps because Cabinet is acting only because of the MPs' post-election agreement with the Greens rather than from any particular driving motivation of their own.

Will the Budget truly stand behind the new kindness initiative? Here's a wish list to set the agenda

When Jacinda Ardern announced $37 million in urgent funding to help meet the needs of homeless people this winter, she made the unusually honest Prime Ministerial concession that this was not going to be enough.  

Protest outside Nats' summer party a necessary act of defiance in face of welfare and housing reforms 

On Sunday afternoon I spent three hours on the picket line outside National’s ‘Summer Party’ at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club.

Fear and greed may be the motivating emotions in the market place, but information is the life-blood of democracy. The voters of 2011 need a transfusion before they visit the polling booth on Saturday.

At this very late stage of the campaign, the biggest fear of every political party has to be a low turnout.

How much breeding counts as “breeding for a business?” And what’s in a “work requirement?” The answers may surprise.

National released its new welfare policies yesterday, to a chorus of approval from the Get Tough brigade. The speeches were their style! Hiding in the actual policy, however, are some pretty odd policy choices. Here are two:

Breeding for a business

Consider these two families: