Pundit is an online current affairs and culture blog hub—entirely Kiwi-made—offering you smart take on what matters in New Zealand and around the world.

Founders Tim Watkin (former deputy editor of the Listener and blogger for the Guardian in Britain) and Eleanor Black (former deputy editor at Next and associate editor of California magazine) came up with the Pundit concept in late 2007, while living in San Francisco.

We are happy to be working with a host of insightful pundits, all experts in their field. Our idea is that blogs should do more than rant, crib or abuse; so we've asked a group of well-informed folk with a diverse range of views to analyse what's going on around us. Our thanks to them and to you for popping by.

Let's start an intelligent conversation about New Zealand's place in the world and its future. And let's have some fun while we're at it.