David Cunliffe was dumb. The Taxpayers' Union have a challenge. You can say what you like about Colin Craig and gay people.

Just three quick comments on the political stories de jour (herehere and here), before I run off to bore the pants off 19-year-olds regarding the issues with establishing an entrenched, higher law Constitution in New Zealand.

First, wtf was Labour and David Cunliffe thinking? 

When Labour decided to have its leadership primary (which was, I think, a valuable and successful innovation), could it not have given some thought to not only to making rules on how contestants would behave themselves publicly, but also how they'd raise the money to take part? Because politics costs money; everyone (and particularly political parties) knows this. And so if you know people are going to go out and try to get that money from somewhere, then you ought to have made sure that this fact wasn't going to come back to haunt you later on. Pretty simple, really.

And even if the Party didn't have explicit rules to say how the contestants could raise money for it, couldn't David Cunliffe have shown a modicum of common sense about the issue? I mean, how exactly did he think the terms "donations", "secret trusts" and "leadership race" were going to flow together in any future news story? And if he didn't think about that question at the time, then has he learnt nothing from the bruising fight over the Electoral Finance Act? Oh sure, Len Brown got away with running this ruse in the Auckland mayoral election race - but partly that's because John Banks' failing memory soaked up all the media attention, and partly it's because he wasn't running to lead a political party that pilloried its opponent so mercilessly for using the exact same tactics as you are.

So whilst it is good that Cunliffe is now recognising his "error of judgment" and trying to set matters right, it would be infinitely preferable if he could display some basic political competence (and consistency with principle) in the first place. Please.

Second, I am awaiting with baited breath the OUTRAGED press release from the Taxpayers' Union about the $1 million price tag attached to Wills, Kate and George's little jaunt around NZ. In particular, I'm really going to enjoy the searching analysis that will be applied to John Key's assertion that the "tremendous international coverage" the visit will receive represents "tremendous value for money". Because that work is being done, right? Right?

Third and finally, Colin Craig thinks a gay man's place is in the closet. 

And that is all.

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by Rob Salmond on March 04, 2014
Rob Salmond

Why are you attempting to remove the pants of 19 year olds! Also, with that strategy, I don't like your chances.

by Andrew Osborn on March 04, 2014
Andrew Osborn

Do you think he was just "dumb"? Surely it goes far deeper than that, having been caught with his pants down so often by now. Surely nobody at that level can be THAT dumb!

The media and the public will ignore a few minor issues, like an embellished CV or a false claim to have done charity work for Forest & Bird, but last week when he was bagging JK for his home in a leafy suburb did it never occur to him to take a hard look at himself? Having been caught as a hypocrite he then compounds his problems with his hilarious excuse of a lactating corporate lawyer wife needing to live in Herne Bay. Priceless!

Then he appoints Comrade Matt as his personal pit bull, sending the message to the Middle NZ voter that Labour is heading off to Chavezland to find 800,000 missing party faithful. Clearly he's not big on elementary statistics either.

Prior to that there was the botch-up over the baby bonus. Once again he compounds the problem by publically blaming a subordinate. Not a good look.

All this cannot be just "dumb". I'm no psychologist but it looks like there's something seriously wrong with the man. He's the gift for National that just keeps on giving. 


by Andrew Geddis on March 04, 2014
Andrew Geddis


Well, yes ... it was "dumb". And as you say, he's done a bunch of "dumb" things of late. But don't blame me, I told Labour members to vote for Kodos.

by Andrew Osborn on March 05, 2014
Andrew Osborn

Maybe someone could write an article explained the factional machinations that seem to be in play within Labour at the moment? It would be most edifying for those of us looking from the outside in.

A thought - it sounds like a great topic for a thesis (hint!)






by Andrew Geddis on March 05, 2014
Andrew Geddis

Maybe someone could write an article explained the factional machinations that seem to be in play within Labour at the moment?

I'd love to read that, too. But I certainly couldn't write it. 

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